Ćorac, Nikola

Nikola Ćorac © Muhamed Mević

Nikola Ćorac was born in Podgorica in 1991. He studied at the Department of Montenegrin Language, South Slavic Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Nikšić and was an exchange student at the University of Graz. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Forum for Young Writers of the Budo Tomović Cultural Information Center. His poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including ARS, Vesna and Script. He was a finalist of the 33rd Festival of Young Poets in Zaječar and the 49th Ratković Poetry Evenings in Bijelo Polje, where he won the third prize for poetry. His poems have already been translated into German and French, and translations into Greek and Russian have also been announced. He has published a book of poems entitled Niko nas nije upozorio, which was published by OKF in 2020.

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