Alajbegović, Bjanka

Bjanka Alajbegović © Sara Ristić

Bjanka Alajbegović was born in Sarajevo in 1983 and also graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy there with a degree in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language and literature. She has published the poetry collections Između dvoje („Between the Two“ 2005) and Srčane saturnalije („Heart Saturnalia“ 2019). She has been invited to numerous regional poetry festivals, including Goran’s Spring, Ratković Poetry Evenings, Sarajevo Poetry Days. Her poems have been translated into Hungarian and Romanian. Her poems and essays have been published in and on various literary magazines and websites: Odjek, Novi Izraz, Sarajevske sveske, Zeničke sveske, Ars, Plima, Motrišta, Fragment, Enklava, Strane, Bona. Alajbegović is one of the literary critics who writes for the Women’s Reading Room. She is particularly interested in feminist epistemology. She is a member of the PEN Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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