Wong Kcomt, Julia

Julia Wong Kcomt © Carlos Chong

Julia Wong Kcomt, born in 1965 in Chepén, Peru, comes from a Chinese-Peruvian family. She traveled from an early age, and her perceptions of different cultures, of ethnic and religious diversity, are formative for her writing. Many of her texts move between Brazilian and Argentine poetry. They play subversively with binaries in the realms of power, love, language, land, and identity. There are a total of 16 poetry collections by Julia Wong Kcomt, including Un salmón ciego (Borrador Editores) and 18 poemas de fake love para Keanu Reeves (Cascada de Palabras), as well as five fiction titles and two collections of hybrid prose. Julia Wong Kcomt lives in Lima and Lisbon.

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