Fernández Mallo, Agustín

Agustín Fernández Mallo © Iván Giménez

Agustín Fernández Mallo, born 1967 in A Coruña, started out as a radiation physicist, designing X-ray systems and radiation therapies against cancer. This is where his interest in illuminating the links between art and science stems from to this day. The Nocilla Trilogy (Nocilla Dream, Nocilla Experience and Nocilla Lab), after which an entire movement is named in Spain, took the literary scene and criticism by storm. It represents a broad attempt to put self-proclaimed “post-poetry” into practice. Throughout his literature, Fernández Mallo works with collages, quotations, and mostly pixelated photographs. For this reason, he is considered an innovator of the form. He has published numerous award-winning poetry collections and a volume of short stories. His most recent publication is the novel The Things We’ve Seen (Fitzcarraldo Editions 2021).

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