Grünzweig, Dorothea

Dorothea Grünzweig © Alpo Kuparinen

Dorothea Grünzweig, born in Stuttgart in 1952, studied English and German. She worked at the University of Dundee and later as a teacher in Germany and Helsinki. She has lived in Finland since 1989. Grünzweig is a poet and translator from English, Finnish and Wogul. Her translations of the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins, in whom she found a kindred spirit, are noteworthy. Grünzweig made her debut in 1997 with the poetry collection Mittsommerschnitt (Wallstein Verlag), for which she received the Poetry Prize of the Foundation of Lower Saxony. Along with Wulf Kirsten, she is currently perhaps the most important nature poet of the German tongue. Her texts combine precise descriptions of nature with memories of her childhood and with echoes of Nordic mythologies.

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