Šteger, Aleš

Aleš Šteger © Mankica Kranjec

Aleš Šteger, born in Ptuj in 1973, is one of Slovenia’s best-known authors, a cosmopolitan and traveler, a writer of unpretentious, long-reverberating lines. He writes poems “in which the inevitable and grace are allowed to take their place and breathe,” according to author Marica Bodrozić. Šteger has published numerous volumes of poetry, novels and essays, which have been translated into more than 20 languages. He translates himself from Spanish and German and has written two literary “logbooks” from crisis areas. Šteger regularly collaborates with musicians (Vito Žuraj, Jure Tori), visual artists (Stojan Kerbler) or filmmakers (Peter Zach). He received, among others, the International Horst Bienek Prize 2016 and the Alfred Kolleritsch Prize 2021. Šteger is Chevalier des Artes et Lettres and a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin and the German Academy for Language and Poetry.

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