Banduryna, Kryscina

Kryscina Banduryna © Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ

Kryscina Banduryna, born in 1992 in Mazyr, Belarus. Studied Belarusian philology at Gomel State University and American studies at Belarusian State University. Poet, editor, LGBT activist. In clear forms of expression, Banduryna’s poems deal with experiences of violence and span a thematic range from family violence to arbitrary state power. For a long time, Banduryna also wrote her own blog about domestic violence. In 2021, she co-founded the online literary magazine Taŭbin and has served as its editor ever since. Her poems have been translated into Danish, German, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Czech, and Ukrainian. She lives in Minsk.

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