Mancewicz, Nasta

Nasta Mancewicz © Mila Ivanoŭskaja

Nasta Mancewicz, born in 1983 in Viliejka, Belarus. Poet, essayist, translator, LGBTQ activist. Co-founder of MAKEOUT, a journalistic project and network that addressed issues of gender and sexuality in Belarus from 2014 until its forced closure in early 2022. Translator of poems by Alok Vaid-Menon, poet, performance artist and activist from the USA. So far, Mancewicz has published two volumes of her own poetry. The collection Ptuški („Birds“), published in 2012, caused a sensation in the Belarusian literary scene because, among other things, it presented queer poetry. Yet Mancewicz’s texts calmly and thoughtfully negotiate the fundamental: sensibility and poetic experience. She lives in Minsk.

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