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PERSIAN POETRY IN EUROPEAN EXILE: As much of the fatherland as I’ve got in my suitcase

2022-06-22, 7:30 PM

READING, TALK AND MUSIC Developments in Iran over the past few decades have forced countless writers into exile, often with little more than their own language in tow. “As much of the fatherland as I have in my suitcase” is a poem about exile by the poet Esmail Kho’i, who passed away in London in 2021.

He is among the 35 Persian poets included in the anthology edited by Ali Abdollahi and Daniela Ganz, titled “Kontinentaldrift. Das persische Europa” (Wunderhorn 2021), available in German translation. Four invited poets featured in this anthology have since established themselves in Europe, representing different generations and traditions of poetry. Among other things, these poets are committed to women’s rights, cultural politics, or integration efforts.

The conversation will be interpreted Farsi-German. The poems read will be available in German translation.

Tonight marks the beginning of working on „Kontinentaldrift 3: Das arabische Europa“.


WE 22.6. | 19.30 | Halle 3 | 10/7 €

With the poets Alireza Abiz Iran/UK | Fatemeh Ekhtesari Iran/Norway | Mahmood Falaki Iran/Germany | Mudzgan Schaffa Afghanistan/Germany

Music: Roshanak Rafani Iran/Germany (Daf, tombac and percussion) | Niko Meinhold Germany (Piano) | Meinrad Kneer  Germany (Contrabass)
Presentation: Maryam Aras, literary critic Germany | Ali Abdollahi, poet and translator Iran/ Germany

Musical conduct: Cymin Samawatie Germany

Curation: Ali Abdollahi

Project leader: Juliane Otto


PERSIAN POETRY IN EUROPEAN EXILE: As much of the fatherland as I’ve got in my suitcase is kindly supported by NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy Berlin. The poesiefestival berlin is a project of the Haus für Poesie in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.