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POETRY IN CONVERSATION: Julia Wong Kcomt – In Peru, no one looks like anyone

2022-06-21, 5:00 PM

Julia Wong Kcomt hails from a Chinese-Peruvian family and lives in Lima and Lisbon. The diasporic experience is formative for her texts, which move between Brazilian and Argentine poetry. Critics have praised her poems’ evocative tone, calling them “enigmatically sensual invitations to hypervigilance” (Brandon Shimoda).

Julia Wong Kcomt will speak to her translator Rike Bolte about her work.

The event will be interpreted Spanish-to-German.


TUE 21.6. | 17.00 | Clubraum | 6/4 €

With Julia Wong Kcomt, author Peru and Rike Bolte, author and translator Germany

Project leaders: Alexander Gumz, Matthias Kniep


The poesiefestival berlin is a project of the Haus für Poesie in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.