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BULL’S-EYE WINDOW – Readings from the 15th annual young poems and open poems

2022-06-17, 12:00 PM

Poems, ponderings, and conversations on young poetry. The 15th anniversary readings of workshops for poets-in-training at the Haus für Poesie offer insights into the “young poems” groups (led by Nancy Hünger and Tanasgol Sabbagh) and the “open poems” group (led by Nadja Küchenmeister).


young poems I (direction by Nancy Hünger)

Alicia Voigt | Anastasia Averkova | Anna Cristina Hattler | Annika Böttcher | Clara Baudisch | Jan Böing | Juni Balbina Derichs | Lea Bickel | Lena Riemer | Melis Ntente | Mireia Casanyes | Nike Rautenberg | Ramona Leukert | Jonah Lobner | Rosa Lobejäger | Vanessa Schulmann | Zoë Dackweiler


FR 17.6. | 12.00–14.00  | Clubraum | Free entry

Project leaders: Karla Montasser, Lena Scheitz

The Bull’s-Eye-Window readings are kindly supported by RITTER SPORT. The poesiefestival berlin is a project of the Haus für Poesie in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.