Kunst, Thomas

Thomas Kunst © Franziska Kunst

Thomas Kunst, born in Stralsund in 1965, studied education in Leipzig and has worked there as a library assistant at the German National Library since 1987. He writes poetry and prose and is involved in musical improvisation (guitar, violin). Kunst debuted in 1991 with Besorg noch für das Segel die Chaussee. Gedichte und eine Erzählung (Reclam Leipzig). Since then his texts have been published in numerous individual titles (also as audio books and music CDs) as well as in anthologies, literary magazines and on the web. Led writing workshops and teaching assignments (including 2002 Thuringian Summer Academy, 2016 Akademie Haus Sonneck, 2017 TU Braunschweig) and international appearances (including 2011 Poesiefest Incroci di poesia contemporanea in Venice, 2015 Poets translating Poets Festival in Mumbai).

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