Fotso, Kareyce

Kareyce Fotso © privat

Kareyce Fotso, born in February 1979 in Cameroon, is a musician, singer and songwriter. In 2009, she represented Cameroon at the Francophonie Games and at the first UN commemoration of the end of slavery. As a solo artist, she participated in the Sukiyaki Festival in Japan. She received the visa pour la création from France Culture. On December 10, 2020, after five years of work on the concept, she bridges the gap between tradition and modernity with the single Poyou, which translates from Ghomala into French. On stage, Kareyce Fotso plays with her natural, authentic charisma to intonate melodies accompanied by her guitar. Her voice, which has a faster rhythm, changes to a traditional Africa. She dances or accompanies herself with a wooden drum.

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